Live LAGOM , First Workshop

liveOn Saturday I attended The first Live LAGOM Workshop at the Belfast store,

It took place in a closed off corner of the IKEA cafe and we were given an array of pastries as well as fruits, juices,tea and coffee.   I was first to arrive (since the only bus available  left me there 1 hour and 40 minutes before opening!) but was greeted by the super friendly Lagom leader, Linda. There were 3 other customers and 3 members of staff all taking part in the project with me so to start we all introduced ourselves and explained the type of household we lived in. We wee then given a short talk and presentation explaining the project, then in pairs were given an item from the IKEA range to look at and discuss its benefits.   Next Linda and other LAGOM’ers shared their knowledge and told us what we needed to do to begin our Live LAGOM story as well as explaining what our journey with Ikea would entail. We received our Live LAGOM pack which included information on the project as well as a few treats to get us started ! 15101894_10209164265655583_74104217_o15064252_10209164265495579_1080979515_o15063998_10209164265695584_2035852216_o



In our live LAGOM bag, we received a few items which would help us get started including a lunch box, water bottle, hidden gems book and thermometer. we were then sent home to start thinking about what items would benefit us 15101972_10209164265895589_404143914_o15102346_10209164265855588_1550491177_o15052084_10209164265975591_1676790737_o15052194_10209164265935590_1570446152_o15053410_10209164266135595_1858282245_o15060469_10209164266175596_1991229244_o15060309_10209164266375601_944048604_o15134192_10209164266255598_1213304813_o15133724_10209164266215597_495891153_o

One thought on “Live LAGOM , First Workshop

  1. Sounds like great inspiration at your induction to the project in Belfast and getting you thinking of your focus not only for the next 8 months but hopefully for the rest of your life. As once we know what to and how to, the feel good factor will make you not want to turn back. Enjoy and I’m looking forward to following your blog.


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