The New RANGE ROVER VELAR Preview and review

Huge thanks to McGinley motors Letterkenny who invited me down to view Range Rovers latest addition to the line up THE VELAR

The velar is the brand new model from Range Rover and is designed to sit between the Evoque and the Sport in the brands line up. There are 5 trim levels with prices starting from £44,830 for the base model, then there is the S, SEs, HSE, R-DYNAMIC and finally the fully loaded FIRST EDITION costing £83,000 and only available for the first year.


First impressions of the car are that although in keeping with Range Rovers look the car was much sleeker and modern than the Sport and Evoque, the car has a minimal design with flush door handles, slim headlight and bold grill, it looks very futuristic whilst staying recognisable to the brand. There are a lot of styling cues on the car which can sometimes look try hard but I feel that Range Rover has got it perfect on this which makes it so interesting to look at 20629062_10211534021658002_635353932_o.jpg



Range Rover has teamed up with Panasonic to create the stunning and innovative centre console, the system does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, however, it is an impressive and easy to use system. There are two 10″ touch screens, one to controls the entertainment system (media/navigation) and the other climate control and driving functions.

The interior screams quality with the two tone leather seats, digital dashboard and high-quality materials living up to the luxury brand image, you would definitely feel comfortable in here on long journeys, there was ample storage and loads of headroom.

20629951_10211534061098988_921693461_o20629300_10211534015937859_1485937124_o20629803_10211534013857807_1417835728_oIt is hard to know if they lack of buttons was progression or just trying to be different, I think it would be difficut to navigate the system while driving, and take quite a while to get used to, however, conpared to Tesla where there is just one big screen which looks out of place, the use of two screens makes it easier to use and has a more intgrated look.20630170_10211534020217966_482321502_o.jpg

In the back the Velar was vey spacious ( although im used to a MINI) its a 5 seater with 3 way spit folding seats and with the seats up the boot has a caapacity of 632 litres, the lines of the velar make it look quite compact but i was suprised to see how roomy the boot was. In the rear of this model, there were the entertainment screens which really added to the luxury feel and would be very useful on long trips.20629266_10211534017777905_1362462615_o20630252_10211534014257817_117338062_o20662664_10211534019617951_2062087435_o

Over the evoque and sport would i prefer this model? Obviously, they are all at different price points but i think the velar is a huge step foreward in terms of technology and design and that would sell it to me, it almost makes the alternatives seem already slightly dated


Thanks again to McGinley Letterkenny which you can find more information on below and arrange a viewing.


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