“LONDON for One Please” – 12 hours in London

26655072_10212683392231548_2141141461_o.jpgSometimes you have to embrace the opportunity,

Last month I headed on a solo trip to London, something that would have terrified me a few years ago. I received an email just a few days in advance from Ikea requesting I attend a meeting and that all my expenses would be paid, that’s something you cant say no to!

I was flying over to the UK head office, a place I had dreamed of visiting but I never expected to be there as a VIP guest, it really was a dream come true and a really motivating experience.


Driving to the airport the butterflies took over, I wasn’t nervous but I was so excited, the fact a company like IKEA have taken notice of me and my interest is a dream come true.

Of course, I can’t discuss too much of what happened *not gonna lie I’m excited to be able to finally say that* but it was mostly about the Live Lagom project I did with Ikea and ways to continue and inspire others.

It was a day I won’t forget anytime soon and has made me feel more than ready for many more trips and opportunities which may happen in 2018.




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