What I Wore In LONDON ( LFWF 2018)

Hey everyone! I’m currently sitting at my desk freezing watching the snow fall outside, I was supposed to be in university today but the 2-hour drive in the snow was less than appealing so Ive been having a productive day at home.

If you have been following along on my social media you will have seen I was in London this weekend, I was there to attend some of the London Fashion Week events which were absolutely amazing, I had a few questions about my outfits so I thought I’d create a quick blog post telling you what I wore and where I got it!


Day 1 we were travelling, we left home around 5;30am so being comfy and warm was a priority, I wore my new black GUESS t-shirt, black jeans from Topman and black vans. Over the top, I wore my blue puffer jacket from River Island which has come in so useful with this weather.

The case was a gift for Christmas and I bought the matching backpack myself from Zara. Expensive but so worth saving for in my opinion as it will last me years.





This is the outfit I wore to London fashion week. I knew I didn’t want to dress in anything too ‘trendy’ because I’d rather have nice basics I can re-wear, and im trying to move away from the ‘throw away’ fashion,  the inspiration was quite 1950s with this suede jacket from river island with a large collar, check trousers from Topman which i rolled up and a Zara basics white t-shirt tucked in.  I had ideally wanted a smarter shoe but since we were walking alot and I didn’t have much room in my case the vans had to do! 28168590_10213102595671372_2169935044127356951_nTGAVY (1)


Again, if you have me on Instagram you will have seen this jacket, it’s from Topman and as soon as I saw it I loved it but wasn’t sure I could justify the £55 price tag, I asked you guys to vote on a poll in my stories and 96% voted to buy it so of course, I listened lol.  I wore the jacket shopping on Oxford street over Whitney Houston t-shirt from Topman and the same jeans and shoes as the first outfit.

The sunglasses I took on the trip were a gold hexagon style pair from River Island I’m debating saving for Ray Bans similar to these so I’m trialling these for a while first to make sure I can look after them!28547566_10213103728059681_1834691058_oTGAVY (2)

As always thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions just send me a wee message!

I’m thinking of doing a beginners guide to London next so if this is something you would be interested in then make sure and let me know.



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