‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

Exactly my thoughts before I was invited to check out the Brand New LCI of the MINI for 2018.

The LCI basically means the MINI has had a bit of a facelift for 2018, and while you would be forgiven for not seeing any changes right away there’s actually quite a few, and they all help keep the MINI up to date and desirable.

On the outside the MINI now comes with LED Headlights as standard, this new headlight design is alot more striking and FINALLY, they have added the full circle of DRL’s which looks so much better and emphasis the Mini’s look while on the road. The taillights now come with a union jack lighting design, this is probably the only change I don’t like, while it might really appeal to the American market it’s not my taste and I think it looks a bit tacky for a now premium brand.DSC01241DSC01246

Another small change on the exterior is the new badge,  MINI has now simplified its logo and while I wasn’t sure about it from photos, in person I actually really like it, it’s a slight change but makes the badge look a little more retro and stand out alot more.


The interior of the new MINI keeps the same general look but with a few new colour and trim options. I really do love the interior of this MINI, the subtle check on the chairs and upmarket feel are miles ahead of previous MINI’s and definitely has a more premium feel. All new minis no come with a 5″ screen as standard which is Great news, the awkwardly placed rectangle radio in a circle is a thing of the past!DSC01326DSC01327DSC01329

For the first time you can now get a dual clutch 7 speed Automatic gearbox, this was fitted to the MINI I was test driving and I honestly could not believe how smooth and quiet it was, it made driving so easy and on the road the car was almost silent apart from the tyre roar which is to be expected.

The driving position of the MINI was low which I like but moving the seat meant pulling on a metal bar under the seat which felt cheap, even the 2001 MINI had a nicer plastic handle! On the older MINI the Stop/Start function felt clunky and slow but on this newer model it was seamless, I could hardly feel the car turning off and on.

Overall the new MINI Cooper is a fantastic car, the updated looks on the exterior keep the car looking fresh and there is such a sense of quality while inside,

Thanks so much for reading


2 thoughts on “The NEW LCI MINI COOPER; Car Review

  1. I love this Mini Car, I remember when I have this, there was a great experience. But suddenly I found that MOT History was expired. One of my companions tells me about Check MOT History., I checked the MOT details, but the test was failed.
    I love your review you remember me those days, keep it up.


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