29089708_2043727895895852_3535194522004750336_nTristan Mc Gavigan is a Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.

Currently based in Donegal/Belfast, Ireland he focuses on Clothing, Cars and Interiors.  The Blog TGAVY was created as a place for Tristan combine his fascination with these topics and his love for photography.  The Blog started over 3 year ago and has grown to successfully receive a number of awards including TOP 100 MENS FASHION BLOG, TOP 60 IRISH FASHION BLOG, TOP 50 NORTHERN IRISH INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER and allowed Tristan to work with a number of high profile brands.

The blog is a place for Tristan to share the things he has an interest in and will always stay this way, what started as a place for Tristan to talk about his unusual interest combination has allowed him to communicate and gain a following with like-minded people.  Tristan continues to balance student life and blogging which keep his content real and genuine.

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